Days of the White

For a musician, all of the hard work that is spent creating music and finding a way to be heard ends up being the just of their careers. Of course if they do get heard and tour around the world, they’ll have much more to their careers than just making music. But to a real musician, just making music and being acknowledged by their fans may be all they need. So the one main question to completing these steps is, how in the World do you make music that music fans will enjoy? That’s something that can only be answered by living in the moment. Layman’s terms, do it yourself and you’ll find out. But here’s another question, how do you make people hear your music after they already have?

This is a challenge for few, especially if they have been forgotten through ongoing introductions of new bands. Or even sometimes when band members leave or are replaced, band names are kept alive for the sanity and deception of their fans. So instead of just telling you who I’m basing this post around, I’m going to test your musical knowledge to see if you know who this is. I’m going to post lyrics from popular songs that he helped write, starting with the most difficult.

It’s time to change it
No matter what you see
If you look at the faces
You’ll see everything

In the mourning I can see the sights
No wonder I could never keep you satisfied
In the mourning I can see inside
Myself and all the things that you were trying to hide

Yes I’ve finally found a reason
I don’t need an excuse
I’ve got this time on my hands
You are the one to abuse

Any guesses? Well I’ll help you narrow it down. Let’s take the first song lyrics. You probably don’t know this one because it has never been majorly released. It’s actually a demo by this guitarist, which is currently on his MySpace page. The second lyric might sound a little familiar. It from the song “Mourning” by the band Tantric. The third lyric should sound very familiar if you ever listened to the radio in the 90’s. It’s from the song “Touch, Peel and Stand” by Days of the New. By piecing together the ties of these three song lyrics, you’ll find that the guitarist I’m speaking of is Todd Whitener.

Days of the New (Todd-far right)

D.o.t.N. (Todd-far right)

Todd began his career with the ever popular band Days of the New. He wrote the guitar parts to all those unforgettable songs that you probably get stuck in your head after you hear them. However, after a few years with head man Travis Meeks, the other three band members decided to split from Days of the New. But they didn’t want it to end there, so they introduced vocalist Hugo Ferreira and formed Tantric. Tantric broke onto the scene very quickly with their first single “Breakdown.” They later followed with radio played singles that made them a well known name around the rock community. However, again, Tantric found themselves torn apart after some trouble with record labels.

Tantric (Todd-far left)

Tantric (Todd-far left)

After too long of a struggle, Todd decided to part ways with Tantric in order to pursue a solo career. In 2007, former Tantric bassist Bruce LaFrance reunited with Todd to form a new band, composed of Todd’s original music, called Interchange. Interchange started off by creating a few studio songs and self-released them on MySpace. The response was high and questions started flowing in as when they would start touring. Interchange even came as far as recruiting a new vocalist, Ben Loop of American Motherload. However each band member seemed to have their own separate avenue, which eventually lead to the decision to not pursue Interchange.

But through it all, Todd is still writing music and updates his MySpace page every now and then with new songs. His music definitely is something that can stand on its own, just look at how popular his songs in Days of the New and Tantric became. However, music is what Todd does and I’m eagerly looking forward to the day that he releases solo works or forms a new group that will shoot up the charts. And remember, when you hear of this new music, whether it has Todd’s name on it or not, you’ll know the talent standing at the core. But until then, I’ll be waiting for the Days of the White, Todd Whitener that is.

Rock, BC


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